Karlovac County


Karlovac County Tourist Association
Ambroza Vraniczanya 6, Karlovac - Croatia
47 000 Karlovac
T.: +385 (0) 47 615-320
M.: +385 (0) 91 615-415


Karlovac County is located in central Croatia. It is the traffic link between continental and coastal Croatia and also the hub of modern highway connecting Central Europe to the Adriatic Sea. On the West it boards with the Republic of Slovenia and on the East with Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It combines a number of natural beauties: mountain peaks Kapele on south, wooded hillsides of Petrova and Zumberak hill in the southeast and north; central green karst plateau of Kordun, through which beautiful rivers as Kupa, Korana, Mreznica and Dobra flows and fruitful valley of Pokup on the North east.

Rich and historical heritage, from prehistoric ruins of Japoda and Kolapijan tribes, ancient Rome remains, Croatian medieval fortress (Dubrovac near Karlovac, Ogulin, Modrus, Slunj, Cetingrad, Ozalj, Novigrad...), monasteries and churches, roads and bridges... to contemporary architectural and artistic creativity.

Relax and have fun discovering and exploring the beauty and sights of Karlovac County. Whatever activity you choose – guided tour, cycling, canoeing, walking or hiking, horseback riding, photo-hunting... exciting adventures awaits you! People, nature and heritage of Karlovac County expect you with open arms.