Passengers, guests, friends.....

Allow us to welcome all of you adventurers, curious persons, nature lovers, to challenges and relaxation in Karlovac County, bursting with beauty and opportunities.
Selection from the brochure "Active Vacation in Karlovac County" shall surprise the uninformed, make the indecisive happy, change the mind of the sceptical.
This practical issue lists possibilities of various active vacations at beautiful destinations of our county.
It offers rest to the tired, relaxation and oblivion to the tensed, trills and excitement to the curious and to everybody - many reasons for a visit, and reasons to return again as well.
You may choose between hunting and photo-safari in the woods from Ozalj and Draganić to Klek, Modruš, and Petrova gora; fishing at any of the four green, clear rivers or at a lake; quad drives or bike tours through attractive landscape. Or you may opt for horseback riding. You may also want to entertain yourself with archery or paintball. Maybe you will be attracted to hiking or speleotourism or enjoy skiing and sliding down the slopes of Bjelolasica. Maybe you are a fan of rafting, canoeing, rowing or just love to take a swim - between water lilies.
It does not matter what you choose to do during your vacation; I am convinced you will realize that we are the destination you will be coming back to.