Gastronomic tradition of our county goes back at the time of Austro-Hungarian monarchy and emperor Joseph II. He visited Karlovac in 1783 and had lunch in an inn "At Eagle's". Since then many restaurants, hotels, inns and eating-houses have been opened in whole county. In 1887 first students have started their education at first as waiters and pastry cooks, and later also as cooks.


Today we have trade school, one of the most sophisticated in the whole Croatia, with practicum for further professional training. The students of this school attend regularly GASTRO Competition and they achieve excellent results. Since the year 2000 there are two new competitions taking place in our town and this school - in making Hungarian fish stew (fisherman's soup) and Young bartenders. Karlovac is situated in the road junction influenced by different cultures. You can enjoy in various dishes - continental and mediterraniean cuisine. Specialtes are dishes with fish - either caught in one of our four rivers or fish-pond in Draganić.


A traditional dish is barley broth (barley-groats with beans and saussages). This dish was eaten at Carnival time (during shrove-tide). On fast-days people just to eat porridge (with potatoes, cabbage and beans). Besides the national dishes, specialities from the grill and the roasting-spit and drinks served in all restaurants and hotels, you can choose the dishes from international cuisine. Our restaurants are since 1996 among hundred best restaurants in Croatia. New on this ellite list, since the year 2000, are restaurants "KA-555", "Lovaeki rog", "Srakoveia" and "Žganjer" in Karlovac and in Jaškovo. Many of them are settled near Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra, so you can enjoy beautiful nature and fresh air. 

Enjoy your meal and cheers!